The community is very active and everyone is extremely helpful. I’ve learned a lot by just joining in the conversations in addition to the materials that Zentrepreneur provides.
Mei Ying

I was struggling for years to build my online business and since there’s so many “gurus” and weekly new “shine objects” promising the world it was hard for me to know what’s working and to stay on track. After joining Zentrepreneur I’ve really accelerated my business as I have one source for battle tested advice and great community support helping me avoid the BS and keeping me focused! Joining Zents should be the first investment for any online entrepreneur!
Fredrik Lyhagen
Holistic Life Coach
I love being in Zentrepreneur because it helps me to vision where my business is going. Most of what is shared is for larger businesses than mine with a more established product line… but the energy and intent of Mindvalley aligns with my higher vision and that combined with the support of Ajit Nawalkha, Jason Campbell and Vishen Lakhiani helps me to know this is a safe supportive community with higher intent. I FEEL supported expanding my business to even greater levels of outreach just being in the energy field of the people and the business of Mindvalley. It is a blessing that we are all here together.
Thank you,
Lisa Long
Within just a few weeks of signing up, I’ve dropped into a deeper grounded perspective of my business needs and desires. Then add a powerhouse support community that’s all about true success + amazing behind the scenes insights into what it means to take things to the next level. Wouldn’t trade this experience in for the world. Thanks Zentrepreneur
Magdalena Wiktoria Zukowski
Ajit, This is my first month in Zentrepreneur and I feel like I’ve already up-leveled my business 50 times. I got tired of everyone in my old community sounding like carbon copies of other “gurus” and wanted to find a space where people weren’t just learning scripts but strategies that actually work and are transferable to ANY other business you choose. 
I love Zentrepreneur because the trainings are SOLID. Everything is actionable, not something you have to save for when your business does xyz. You can do it now and it works! By applying the Multiplier Method I’ve been able to build a business that complements my existing one and I got 3 new clients 6 weeks before the company launches the service.
Monique Welch
If you’re looking for a coaching program that will give you a clear map in your business then Zentrepreneur is the place to be! Pure value that can surely push your business forward this 2015 or even the years to come! Thanks!
JF Garsula
For the entrepreneurs out there that feel euphoric about their mission and products, but sometimes overwhelmed with options for growth and strategy questions, Zentrepreneur is the answer to your prayers.
Lily Hills
Zentrepreneur is a great resource for valuable trainings and powerful masterminding at an unbelievably low cost compared to other Masterminds I’m a part of. Consistent with MindValley, the people are genuine and know what they’re doing. I’m recommending Zentrepreneur to all of my friends. You get free training monthly directly from the CEO, Ajit, and a resource bank full of content to peruse. Love the 1:1 attention I’ve received, too! Thanks, guys!!! 
Sumi Krishnan
Zentrepreneur helps me expand my level of consciousness in business, specifically in enlightened business. And it doesn’t just involve business but also all aspects of being. At least that’s what I see in the energy level of Zentrepreneur. On top of that, we have awesomely successful people to help us growth like Vishen and Ajit and more. These people are true leaders. The best ones 
Rose Osman
Zentrepreneur for me represents value, support, trust, real action, connection, 1-1 attention, integrity, care and a genuine desire to ensure their customers are receiving the most out of their membership. Zentrepreneur delivers and can be trusted.
Beatriz Cadavid