Zentrepreneur is designed as a private mastermind that connects together entrepreneurs with ambitious dreams and businesses that are looking to make a powerful impact on humanity while creating strong bond and friendship between its members.  Here are some stories from Zent tribe members.


Being part of the Zentrepreneur tribe for the past two years has been invaluable for me.   I have grown not just my business skills but also personally, as the Zentrepreneur training has addressed my mindset as to what is possible and helped me discover the potential obstacles in my belief system that is blocking me.  I have gained the online marketing tools and knowledge to grow and scale my business exponentially, whether that is attracting more consulting clients or marketing my online programs.  In my career, I do not work with a big team and the connections globally through Zentrepreneur and the support of other like-minded entrepreneurs has been one of the biggest pluses.  I have learnt so much from everybody contributing to the tribe.  Thank you to everyone at Mindvalley for creating Zentrepreneur…it has broadened my horizons and connected me to people that I would otherwise not have the opportunity to meet.  I’m so grateful.
Lee-Anne McCall
Healing Haven

1. Clarity – Before I joined Zentrepreneur, I was stressed and ran everywhere in my business just to make ends meet. Decided to join the tribe just learn more about business and entrepreneurship. To my surprise, I received more than what I was expecting. They gave me an easy map on how to be an effective entrepreneur(nailing it with 50%-100% growth after the first 3 months in the tribe).
2. Bonus – I thought I was just getting one coaching course but yet again…Zentrepreneur gave me another coaching program that was easy to consume and implement. Imagine getting results right away!
3. People – Ultimately, they are there FOR YOU. Not only the team from MindValley but your fellow Zents are also there when you need someone to answer a burning question in business. It’s like having several epic fathers who’ll show you what needs to be done every single month to keep your success compounding.
Zentrepreneur is more than a tribe, we are more like a family.
JF Garsula
Evocess Media

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