The Unlimited Abundance course by Christie Marie Sheldon (along with her Love or Above course) has guided me with learning tools to use throughout my day to help me move into a better space. It’s helped me realize my triggers, recognize that they are triggers, and be grateful that they are showing up for me, so that I can stop and ask the questions to my mind and body, in order to clear it and expand from there. Working with the lessons and tools that I learned from these courses, has helped me get the insight and confidence I needed to myself; and since first taking the courses about 5 years ago, I’ve gotten the courage to transition out of my scarcity mindset, and believe in my dreams and desires. I quit the job I had at the time and started my own company with my friend, which we are now entering our 4th year in business. I’m so happy!! And I continually go back to the lessons when I feel stuck or need reminders of how to expand even further.

Thank you!

~ Angela

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