Christie Marie Sheldon’s course, Love or Above, helps our customers to raise their vibrational frequency.

We love receiving feedback on our courses, and Love or Above is one of our most popular. Christie helps her students to change the frequency at which they vibrate, in order to manifest their goals and dreams.

One of our customers, Phaedra, wrote in to tell us how Love or Above had changed her life — and her income:

“I’ve been listening the meditations of 24 Hours of Love and Above and have completely shifted my focus to maintaining a high vibration. I’ve been practicing it for about 2–3 weeks and not only do I feel so joyful, I notice how kind people are to me and my income has increased approximately by [eight] times! I appreciate you Christie!”

~ Phaedra Wells

Thank you for your beautiful words, Phaedra!

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