I came to Energy Medicine about 3 years ago. Following a lifetime of emotional challenges and driving myself silly to make me feel better my stress bucket started to overflow. I was at a point in my life where my digestion was pretty much non-existent. I was diagnosed with Chronic fatigue syndrome, Cholecystokinin feedback loop failure, and an autoimmune condition. I lost 5 stone in 3 months and everyone around me whispered (loudly I might add) the word anorexia. I wasn’t anorexic I was totally burned out.

I have worked with both conventional and CAM therapies for a number of years to hold this off, but as the saying goes “The best meal is worthless if you can’t digest and absorb”. You can only hold this off until the straw breaks and that straw was losing my mom.

It took me three years to migrate across to energy healing, firstly via Network care, the work of Donny Epstein (Eden). This changed my life almost immediately, in helping me to digest and absorb again, to think positively. From this point, I delved into NES health and the work of Peter Frazer, I even trained as an NES health practitioner. I use this in my Naturopathic practice now to help my patients to recognize the impact of daily stressors.

As these two therapies helped to change my mindset by turning out buried memories that blocked my healing I also came across Mindvalley academy. Through MindValley I have learned why energy healing is so important, how it works and why we need to understand the physics of the body as well as the biochemistry I was previously programmed to change.

As much as the experience brought challenges I am eternally grateful for the experience because now I can truly understand where my patients are coming from. I get far better results and I now have a thriving practice where I previously struggled. I finally feel that I am truly helping people and even though to some it may sound corny, I have found my calling and my tribe. I also co-own a thriving training company that is about to go multinational.

Anne Pemberton,
MSc, PGCHE, PGCE (Autism), RGN, DipION FdSc.Nurse
Functional Medicine Practitioner


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