We have recently been receiving a lot of amazing feedback about Vishen Lakhiani’s program, Becoming Limitless—and rightly so.

This program, which is an extension and deepening of Vishen’s signature course, Consciousness Engineering, teaches students how to question their current beliefs, enabling themselves to become whomever they want, and to achieve anything they’ve ever desired. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Our customers certainly seem to think so. We received the following message from one customer, Lydia, who told us about the effect Becoming Limitless has had on her thinking—and her way of living.

“[…] Thanks for answering my question. It really helped me. I have been doing meditations [every day] and practicing forgiveness. I feel blissfully happy every morning and [am] getting luckier and luckier. Ideas started flowing to be and my faith in God has never been stronger.

Think I’m on my way to surrender and detach my happiness from my goals.”

~ Lydia Huang

Thank you for this amazing message, Lydia! You made our day 🙂

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