It [WildFit] was an amazing program, unlike any other health/nutrition course or program that I have taken. The whole foundation on the psychology of food was life changing for me.

I have a whole new outlook on food and there are many ‘foods’ that I will never eat again because I learned that I don’t need them, and my body doesn’t like them! I’m so thrilled with this course and the way it has transformed my life (and my body!), that I have applied to become a WildFit coach to help others.

WildFit is a long-term lifestyle change, not a short-term ‘diet’, and I know that I will never go back to eating the way that I used to before the program. I am empowered to easily make wise and healthy food choices and that has given me control over food, rather than having food and cravings controlling me.

Eating more healthily and having lost weight, inches and clothing sizes on the WildFit program has greatly boosted my energy, stamina, and self-confidence! There are so many benefits from this program. I highly recommend WildFit!

Laura Forgie,