Nadine, we really, really appreciate your creativity and endless support… Thank you <3

From a born seeker of Truth . Endless student of Life .

You have taken me from books

sweet thoughts & questions …

thru doubts , confusion & innocent unknowing

to the path which itself

is my destiny ……

I am the river of life flowing

within the source of Life all knowing ……

TY to my teacher of 44 yrs . Prem Rawat , after revealing the TOOLS to experience the Infinite within the finite .

Fast fwd. to June 10th , 2014 . Event with Bob Proctor , 11 Forgotten Laws . Same reaction . One to reveal the TOOLS to manifest the LOA . What bliss & fulfillment !

There was a huge unexpected gift still to come from the Infinite . This just the start ! It led me , the endless student of Life to Mindvalley ! A world within this world , far beyond my wildest dreams . An Academy devoted to the education of Truth . Offering countless courses , to help All that wish to delve into the depths of Abundance of Wealth , Health , Mind , Body & of course Soul ..

Streams of bonuses , gifts , Events filled with value , TOOLS , & IF desired to delve deeper into a course , a HUGE discounted offer at the end of each event . I noticed ONE person comment , “yes it,s great , but they’re always trying to sell you everything ” I thought ” NO . They are always offering you an in depth study to a course IF you wish , at a HUGE discount ! ” There is ZERO pressure to purchase . I wish I could afford all , & as I study , absorb , learn & grow , my Block to Only My Own Abundance of Wealth Will Dissolve .

Yes the Gift is in the Giving , but failed to see that the more wealth that I have , the more I can give & help. The gifts keep coming , whether I purchase or not & the Team is pure Love , Joy , Support & Inspiration . A 40 yr. search for the TOOLS to manifest the LOA , led me to the most precious gift of Mindvalley Academy & ALL within .

Studies that resonate with my inner core , to carry me to end of finite days . A family , a home that I deeply love & adore ! No names , as each unique individual encountered , from CEO , Support ,Promotions , Billing , lifts & inspires my everyday. With my Love & Gratitude to this Bright glowing light on the planet .

TY Always , Nadine

Thank YOU Nadine! 😀

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