It’s always very exciting to read a success story of an astral experience. Gabrielle from Virginia, planned a trip to Glastonbury Tor in England, only that she was not planning to take a flight there!

From  Gabrielle;

The group goal was to visit the Glastonbury Tor in England. I had never been there, but when I saw pictures of it and researched this tourist attraction, I felt inspired. I learned about its history and its association with the Legend of King Arthur, Christianity, and various myths. Who built the terraced maze? How did it survive over the centuries? What lay beneath St. Michael’s Tower? Is there a deeper, esoteric meaning to this place?

I wanted to get the answers to these questions, not by reading about it, but by going there in the astral. I have never tried so hard to have an astral experience. I was committed to finding out the mysteries of Glastonbury. I spent time studying pictures of it each day – St. Michael’s Tower, the hill, the strange maze that encircled it, and the village houses nearby. I imagined myself walking up the hill and through the maze, touching the cold stones of the tower and breathing in the crisp, clean night air.

Each day and night, I was focused on going to the Tor, to have direct insight into one of the world’s most mysterious places. I would concentrate on a mantra when falling asleep, training to project there consciously. On the last night of the week-long group exercise, I felt like an excited child as I waited for the opportunities of the night.

That night, I fell gently in and out of sleep as I used a mantra, a phrase that I repeated in my mind so that I wouldn’t fall into dreams. I could feel my body getting heavy and going through the process of sleep while I focused on the mantra. As my physical body fell asleep, I felt my astral body starting to rise, I felt myself go up and out of my body.

I did not hesitate because my goal was clear – I searched for the Tor. I traveled through the air. I found myself in an unfamiliar place and looked for signs that would indicate where I was. I found a town, and I asked about the Tor. Finally, I could see my destination in the distance. I began to fly there. Staying calm and guarding the moment to avoid slipping into dreams, I flew towards the Tor.

What I discovered in the end was a personal teaching that stays in my heart today. Equipped with new understandings to apply to my life and a renewed value for astral experiences, I felt at peace when I returned to my body.

Awesome stuff!!

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