I am a student at one of your courses “Becoming Limitless“. What an
As with the last video, on very end, you mentioned your email, I just felt
an impulse to write you.

There are many great tools and ways in exploring oneself with the course.
But I find a block within myself. I am at the stage, where I have a decent
lifestyle, nice family, great work opportunities around me, but…recently
all I think of and feel deep inside of me is – what work do I need to here
on this earth? What is my mission? How can I be a servant to my calling?
What is my calling? Money does not even come to my mind, all I care is to
put these hands to the work I am meant to be doing – meaning, purpose, and
how I can be of benefit to others.

I am and will be continuing practices from the course, but is there a way,
perhaps a deeper and more powerful, to access that INNER meaning, that seed
that is already planted in me for growing and contributing to this world?
Some practice? People? Or your advice for direction?

Self-realization – all I can care about lately. And not from the
egocentrism standpoint, but from the contribution to others that give
meaning to them.

Thank you again for you and wholeheartedly wish you to keep doing what you

A Mindvalley user 🙂

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