Carol Tuttle’s course, Soulprint Healing, can teach you how to manifest abundance into your life.

Carol believes that our financial abundance is directly related to our soul’s “blueprint” — and if we’ve experienced pain in the past, it can stop us from reaching our financial goals or destiny. One of our customers, Jenny, wrote in to tell us how Soulprint Healing helped her to shift her mindset and begin to think in terms of abundance.

Jenny writes:

“I grew up with what I now know was a scarcity and poverty mindset of lack and “there’s never enough.” Carol’s practical teachings about seeing money as currency — an unlimited, abundant, energetic current — helped me shift my mindset to thinking more abundantly. As a result, I’ve also changed how I speak about money now, too. I have eliminated “I can’t afford it” from my vocabulary. I no longer live in fear of not having enough. Because I am enough, there is always enough — for me and for everyone.” 

~ Jenny Collins

Thank you for your lovely words, Jenny!

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