Christie Marie Sheldon’s program, Unlimited Abundance, empowers people to manifest the abundance they deserve.

Christie is an expert energy healer, who understands that our vibrations, our energy and our beliefs create our lives—for better or worse. In her course, she teaches people how they can manifest their ideal life, simply by making a few small changes.

Today, we received a message from one customer, Tracy, who had some exciting news to share:

WOW!!!! I have done my first round of sessions with UNLIMITED ABUNDANCE, as an intensive by doing the whole course in [two-and-a-half] days and feeling so much better with everything!!! I was so sick and tired, fell asleep a couple of times as I listened. I have already created a plan to start a consulting firm and manifested a one on one with a professional to set this up!! I AM extremely excited about MY SCRIPT, NEW LIFE, NEW STORY!!! THANKS A TRILLION CHRISTIE!!!

~ Tracy Taylor

Wow, Tracy, that’s amazing to hear! We couldn’t be more thrilled for you 🙂

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