Christie Marie Sheldon’s transformational course, Unlimited Abundance, is designed to bring you abundance in all forms.

Christie is highly skilled at breaking down barriers between mental beliefs and real abundance — which can often be reflected in your financial life.

We recently received a message from Lorne, who experienced unexpected abundance after enrolling in Christie’s program.

Lorne wrote:

“So in the beginning of each session, Christie talks about inspiring stories of people getting unexpected cash… I was getting pissed off as I thought the clearings were going great but have not seen anything significant until today. I did the clearing on change again… then when I got home I received an unexpected $2000 cheque… Wow, the clearings are unbelievable.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, amazing Universe… and thank you Christie. Blessing you with love [and] light, blessing you with pure source energy.”

~ Lorne

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