“The Unlimited Abundance program made me aware of all the conditioning and subconscious programming I carry with me in relation to money and self-value.”

I know there’s still a lot to do but thanks to the program I started to walk through a new path of awareness, slowly dismantling all these blocks and feeling more empowered.

At a tangible level, my annual income increased by 50% compared to the previous year, I started a new career in sales and marketing, alongside my long-term professional practice of translation and interpreting, planned a few more side businesses, while learning new skills, and met the man of my life – all in the same year!

Somehow, gifts and inspiration have started to flow in and shine out! and am pretty sure there’s even more to come!

The new plan is to go through the program again and bring to light even more false beliefs which do not serve or help me anymore and keep on building up confidence and intuition to live an incredibly extraordinary life to its full potential, becoming an example for humanity.
A faithful reader,