After listening to Marisa talk IN THE FREE MASTERCLASS about how important our words and pictures are, I guess I told my ankle it was already healed and that any minor discomfort was not significant. That night (and since then) I have danced without pain! Just almost too amazing. Yet within days, this insight also helped me become aware of other areas of my life to which I had attached pain. This was to do with leaving the network of people I had been connected to for years – and so I made some changes there too.

I’m continuing to listen to the recorded sessions daily too, spreading them out by doing one module every week or fortnight. This is also the first time I have thoroughly absorbed a course in this way and I’m benefiting – and my clients are too, as I’m passing on the insights I’m learning.

So I guess the timing was just right, and when I chose to listen to Marisa’s Masterclass, I was certainly rewarded for my effort in ways that have been and are continuing to be far-reaching.

When I heard Marisa say “When you attach pain to something, your mind will stop you doing it” I acknowledged how much pain (physical and emotional) I had attached to some areas of my life, I set about changing them. The resultant mental and physical wellbeing are worth every cent and minute I have invested in this course.

With gratitude,