I’ve experienced the power of subconscious work before and know how powerful it can be. I really like Marissa’s approach and style, and appreciate her ability to simplify a complex subject. I’ve already experienced some exciting changes in my life including finding love after 17 years of searching.

I did indeed meet somebody after a long time of seeking but it became evident that we were on different paths and I had to make a choice.
Could I return to a “compromised life” for the sake of love and resume molding myself to fit the needs of another or should I stay true to my desire to live a more evolved life even if it necessitated returning to being single? To cut a long story short I’ve come too far to go back so I’ve committed to pursuing an “Uncompromised Life” on my own.
However, I live in hope of meeting someone on a similar path and sharing the exciting journey of developing an “Uncompromised Life” together.

Following Marisa’s programme and knowing there is a growing tribe of people ‘out there’ who think in similar ways reinforces my gut instinct that this is the right course of action.

Best Wishes,
United Kingdom