I have gained tremendous benefit out of the course already. I have already recommended the course to around 20 friends.

I have noticed considerable shifts in my relationship to stress. I was challenged emotionally on many fronts last year, I am finding that I am not getting as “stuck in the sensation” of the emotional state that would keep me feeling down.

I am also finding as an aside, that I have been letting go of a lifetime habit that I have always wanted to kick to the curb. I have tried stopping this behavior previously with hypnotherapy, but I believe that Marisa’s technique of going deep, then creating an affirmational resolution to guide toward positive outcomes has really worked for me.

I find that I can place a session on and I go to sleep in a soothed way, fast with a deep restorative sleep through the night.

The training has powerfully and positively influenced my life.

Kind regards,
~Soo Haywood