First, thank you so much for reaching out!! Super appreciate it and the opportunity to share the love + thank you for sharing the love about us too!

I was wondering, Katrina, if you have seen any positive changes in your life using Unlimited Abundance, would you like to share your story with us? What has worked for you? What do you love about it? And what kind of impact it has had on you and your life?

I took Unlimited Abundance in June and absolutely loved it! Christie Marie Sheldon is an amazing teacher! I loved the vision, and practical and energetic integration and the “What would it take”. It is almost like since
then, that is one of my mantras!!! I am a Transformation Coach who created a lifestyle Brand – FIT Life Creation, and an avid proponent of overall Transformation in all areas! Especially our mental + energetic +
spiritual star – that was what drew me to this course!

I had massive shifts in mindset, and energy, and so much more!

Within a month of taking the class, I walked into an event with the intention of being at a certain point and with a team of a particular size. The new amount of people that were at that event with Herbalife Nutrition
was that exact number!! I also manifested a free makeover, two free dresses from the airline (due to delayed luggage), and getting my hair done that night! It was surreal almost as if I was already Presidents Team! It
certainly felt like it! VALUE = priceless!

I’ve created several new income streams in a very simple way with automation and passive integrations with software! I’ve also met more and more people who are aligned with the tribe, and creating new influencer
marketing strategies long term!!! I loved the vision exercise with the garden and the sprouts!! It showed me visually literally what was happening!

I also post this took an energy editing course with Sherina Mayani, and Michelle Lowbridge, and did Reiki three times this year (and manifested being part of a series), and recently became level 1 certified! In short,
this course started a massive shift energetically for me that has continued. I am also way more clear with **manifesting and things are happening much faster!!! My energy is through the roof with all of this +
the care I take with my nutrition and body! In short, I want to stress that it is a multi-faceted transformation from all angles spiritually, physically, mentally, financially, playfully, relationally.

I also tackle things daily at a much faster rate, and now SEE more money that month, and > 200% improvement month over month and increased massively action daily leading me to see similar action to the time I generated in corporate ~$10million in one year!

BELIEVE you may create transformation + unleash inspiration in your own life + it is for you! This course helped and came at the perfect time to catapult me to next levels!!!

Katrina Julia