Carol Tuttle’s program, Soulprint Healing, is designed to help you cultivate abundance.

Carol believes in accessing and healing your underlying financial “blueprint” — the beliefs that govern your whole financial life. We’ve heard from a lot of customers how Carol has changed their life and beliefs around money, and this message from our customer, Karen, is no different.

Karen wrote to us:

I recently bought your new course. I am not new to Universal Law or metaphysical principles, in fact, I have taught workshops in the past about affluence and prosperity. I also am not new to “creating miracles” as I have been physically disabled since very early childhood, and will be 50 next month, and have created so many health miracles in my life, including living [myself] through a “death sentence” that was given to me from doctors treating me when I had a life threatening infection throughout my body, from which I was not expected to survive.

All of the knowledge I have within still was not anchored enough recently, which is why I bought your programs, and I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for the information you share and how you share it! I love your voices and deliveries and the info you provide and it’s been another Godsend. I have not even gotten through the first week and already the manifesting miracles in prosperity and affluence have begun;) This is why I am writing to you…

This morning, in less than an hour, I went from trying to keep my fear at bay, to embracing it and telling it that it was signaling my breakthrough, to rejoicing from news that my mortgage payment was being reduced by about $900 per month!!! I had been trying very hard not to agonize and obsess over my current payment that was going to be late for the first time ever.

After borrowing money from family to help make the payment, the amount was still $10 short, and I was juggling in my mind what I could do to make my payment before it was officially late. Even making the payment would empty the account making other bills unpayable. I was beside myself. Then I made a call to my mortgage company, and because of a modification program I applied for, I had been accepted and was granted a trial period in which my new payment would drop by about $900!!! This would also be close to the amount I will save each month once the trial is complete and the new loan is locked in!! I am ecstatic!! I cannot even begin to tell you 😉

I used so many of your techniques and I listen to audios and watch videos everyday to keep the mindset focused. When someone has wanted to speak negatively to me, I have chosen to turn it around, and claim what is Divinely mine. In fact, each day I write something positive on my Facebook page to uplift and encourage others, and just yesterday I wrote: ” When fear shows up, a breakthrough is on its way! Know that you have everything you ever need ALREADY, simply from Being. Embrace this, and realign yourself with your True Self — the Divine You, and watch transformation take hold 😉 Old patterns, doubts, habits, etc. do not support you! So, do not support those by accepting them for your life. State what is unacceptable, and demand what is YOURS! BE BLESSED:)” And today this happened!! How awesome is that??

Thank you for all you do. Thank you for taking time to read my note and please know how much you are appreciated!

Many blessings,

~ Karen

Thank you for your amazing words, Karen!

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