Today I would like to share a really cool story we received from an astral traveller, Chris from Australia, who experienced Astral projection and describes what he saw in details on the message below. 

From Chris;


When I first heard about the Astral I imagined a dreamy intangible world, created by the overactive subconscious mind that people seemed to believe was real. Nevertheless, I thought it would be fun to explore such a place. Even while doing the Experiencing Astral Travel course, I first thought that all the techniques were designed to train the mind to hallucinate. Time and experience, however, has taught me otherwise.

To anyone that has not experienced the Astral, it would be hard to believe that it is as physical, tangible, and real as the place you are in right now, reading this article. Look around you – you know that where you are is real, right? Experiencing the Astral is no different. The only difference between these two dimensions is that the Astral has less physical laws – or – less laws that govern its physics.

Early one morning, when the first light of the sun was still dim, I woke up. It’s not uncommon, except that I usually just go back to sleep again. But the night before, I read something that Samael Aun Weor wrote that stuck with me. He instructed that to project into the astral you have to fight laziness and get up when very relaxed. This made sense to me, and somehow I overlooked that bit in the Mysticweb course (I probably overlooked it because I am too lazy!). I was tempted to go back to sleep but this time I thought I would give it a go.

After lying still for a while, I decided to tear myself away from cosiness and drag my heavy, sleep-saturated body out of bed. I fought off my sheets and got up, feeling as though I would fall asleep on the spot. I struggled to jump, with the intention of floating, and as expected I came back to the hard floor with a thud. I walked outside to a nice spot that I practice jumping in everyday (a technique for Waking in Dreams taught in the Experiencing Astral Travel course) as I always thought it would be a nice spot to fly from in the astral. I jumped again, and the hard thud hurt my feet that time, so I stopped doing it for a while. I started to look around, the pale morning light gave everything a soft appearance, and the cool morning air was refreshing and clean. This time, I thought I would jump with the absolute expectation to float, as the awareness I had at that moment was giving me an intuitive feeling that it would work. I jumped and to my most pleasant surprise I remained buoyant, like if you are in a swimming pool and take your feet off the bottom. You can imagine the feeling – I mean, what if you were to get up right now and do the same thing?

I thought it would be great to explore the neighborhood in the astral. Yes I know, how boring. I thought that vivid dreams or even a real astral experience about far away places would be susceptible to doubt because of the unfamiliar nature, but having a look at the local neighborhood in the astral would be amazing to me. Instead of walking, which I am so sick of doing in the physical, I floated; I floated to wherever I wanted to go. The cool morning air now gently cooling my skin as I floated through it, I looked around as I floated down the street, looking at all the details without a fraction of blurriness. The whole time I was careful not to get too excited so that I wouldn’t wake up.

I thought I shouldn’t waste any of the time I had, after all, it took me a year to get this far consciously projecting, so I asked my divine mother to show me what I needed to be shown. I have to admit, I expected to be whisked away to a temple or something, but nothing like that happened, although I was gently moved involuntarily by a force similar to a current while floating. At first, I thought I wasn’t being taught anything and that my request didn’t work, but reflecting back where I went and what I did during the experience I now know that I was, just differently – more subtly.

One thing I just had to do while I was exploring the astral was go into space. So, awkwardly, as I had never flown so high before, I started to rise into the air. I watched the houses, the buildings, the suburb, the whole city of Brisbane and more, move away from me. As I rose I could now see the rising sun. It was a clear morning so it was surrounded by blue sky, with just the few clouds that I passed through. The blue sky became darker and more transparent as I rose. I briefly looked up and watched the morning fade to night, as the stars started to emerge. Looking back at the sun I watched the blue sky surrounding it fade into the blackness of space, and the sun began to look like a giant yellow star. Looking directly at the sun didn’t hurt at all. It was perfectly bright and vibrant, a golden sphere that shines its light out onto the earth and all the other worlds that surround it.

Sadly, my experience ended shortly after this. The feeling of entering space and being surrounded by darkness gave me a slight sense of uneasiness. That slight effect was enough though, as then gradually the subconscious started to become more and more dominant, and a dream replaced the real.

When I woke up back in my earthly body shortly after, I started to smile. The experience gave me a renewed sense of energy and strength. Now all I had to do was to keep practicing – and fight laziness! 

Thanks for sharing Chris!

If you have any awesome astral projection stories to share with us, feel free to share them using the comment section below. We love to hear them 🙂


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