As a student in Jeffrey Allen’s Duality course last spring, I experienced a lot of growth in my ability to feel and experience the energy, particularly in my ability to hold clean energetic boundaries and maintain my own seniority.
I was excited to have the chance to deepen my exploration through this new Quest platform in his course called Unlocking Transcendence. I was not disappointed. I love the format where you have a video or recording every day and the motivation of keeping up with a group.

I really appreciated the way that he formatted the class, spending 10 days in each area, first Internal, and then expanding to more external applications. I also appreciated the catch-up day where you could either dive deeper in a less guided meditation or catch up on any day that you had missed and the way he encouraged anyone who got behind to start fresh every 10 days so that they stayed with the group and maintained the group energy.

Jeffrey was also really good with staying engaged with the tribe on the tribe page and answering questions, and I felt that this greatly contributed to the experience of moving through the quest. Jeffrey Allen is my favorite MindValley author, and I would wholeheartedly recommend any of his classes to anyone who wants to explore their inner landscape and improve their health, as well as anyone who wants to improve their communication with others.

The applications of understanding the flow of energy in yourself and others are endless and can lead to big improvements in many aspects of your life.