Well, I’ve worked with energy myself for a couple of years now. With Duality, I have simply reached a higher level, i.e., deeper insights. Many of the things Jeffrey teaches are familiar to me. And yet, and this is the great thing about Jeffrey, the way, the mode, the structure and the depth of his classes are exceptional! As I said before, I “know” some of the content, probably most of the content. With the help of Jeffrey’s class, however, I have been able to dive much deeper.

Plus, and this is really important for my work as a coach, I can apply my own insights and experiences in a much more structured way. Moreover, I have climbed the next level from intuitively applying things to intuitively knowing more, structuring it and pass it on. That helps and grounds my work as a coach. Duality has really helped me to go beyond …

In my personal life, my degree of awareness has risen considerably. Of course, I have always known the importance of grounding, of cleaning the energy flow etc. Of course. And yet, I have been negligent at times, letting things go, sort of leaving my own energy flow “unattended”, drifting through the day rather than controlling my own energy and the course of my day. With the help of Jeffrey Allen, this has changed.

My relationships are improving. I am no longer “victim” in situations. Controlling the way my chakras interact has brought such an increase of independence. The quality of my relationships is rising constantly.

What more can I say?

Thanks, Jeffrey Allen.

With gratitude

Pia Graf