The impact the Unlimited Abundance program has had on my life is so profound I have a hard time remembering how I thought about myself and my situation in life before and after. But I shall try I live to learn and to better myself, to become more enlightened and evolved each day. This is my life’s purpose (as everyone else’s I would think).

I remember when I was 6 and thinking about my situation in life, you know kindergarten over, school starting and I found myself envying my grandparents. They had finished all this, they had finished school, found what they wanted to study and do for the rest of their lives (which was the norm, you Became your profession), met each other and married, built a house, had a family, raised them and now they were Finally starting to play again! I can still go back to that moment. But what I didn’t understand was Why I had to study, Why I had to find a profession and then stay with it all my life, and I didn’t understand Why people accepted this way of life because they didn’t seem to enjoy it very much. And there I was at the starting point of this “conveyor belt of life” and I just didn’t want to get on it. Of course, at 6 I didn’t have a choice and little by little I was influenced by the school system, by the b-rules made by my “superiors” (parents, teachers, older sisters etc.). I was considered a handful (now I would get the ADHD tag) so I often got to hear how difficult I was, why I couldn’t be more like someone else, behave better, do better etc. In essence I never felt like I fitted in, I craved for freedom to move and do what I wanted and I wanted answers to my questions instead of the same old “you will know that later”. I questioned the way things were and therefore I made other people uneasy and they found ways to make me pay for that.

Fast forward to last year (at age of 39) when I started the UA journey. I was searching for the things that were missing from my life. I wanted to know Why I was struggling, Who I was, What I wanted to be and such. And I had gone back to my questions from when I was 6, Why should I do what others want me to do, Should I really do that? And the #1 thing this program has helped me with is to stand my ground on issues that are truly my core issues, that make me who I am. I have become Me again!

It has cleansed me of the mind control from society and the school system, from peer-pressure to “get back in line” and to “stop rocking the boat”. I make other people’s lives very uncomfortable (and I love it) because I am doing what I love and what I want to do, I live day by day, I make plans for the future but I don’t nail them down, I allow for better things to come in and I’m grateful for all the things I have and of my abilities. I can say today that I love myself without flinching.

But I make mistakes, I forget to ask “Is this truly what I want?” and I sometimes get sucked into the drama of others and THAT is when I pick up my phone, put on the Unlimited Abundance folder and randomly play one of the 24 lessons and I ALWAYS get my answer, get my tips on what I must do, and I just smile because I know that is what I needed to hear at that moment.

When I was 6 I knew I wanted to be an artist but it didn’t please others because A) it doesn’t pay enough, and B) I’m smart so I should become a doctor or a lawyer. So, 5 years ago, I “woke up” with a bachelor degree in psychology and after finishing 5/6 years in medical school, pregnant with my 4th child (I have 5 now ), overweight, miserable and stressed. And I decided for the first time since I was 6 to choose based on what I Felt was right for me. And I quit medical school. Everyone I know, except my husband which is wonderful, flipped out and they have been pestering me about my decision ever since. Since then I’ve been exploring my artistic abilities and last year I started learning environmental design (because it’s art related and I love gardening) and as long as I enjoy it I’ll keep on studying it. The reason I can do that without sinking back to my old “having to finish” mentality and just wing it is because of the UA program.

Christie has helped me in other ways as well. I am psychic but I had closed that door when I was a child because it freaked others out (frowned upon by the church and humbug according to science) and because I started to become afraid of what might come into my life, I asked for it to go away because I was losing control over it. Anyway, for the last 10 years, I’ve been wanting to open that door again because it is such a big part of who I am, but my old fear was still in the way. However, now I’m on the brink of accessing my abilities (which sounds a lot like a line in an X-men movie) and it is because of the connection to a “safe” power, what Christie calls The Source, which has helped me get over my fears and it has taught me control.

Opening up again has changed the ways I’ve received help as well. Sometimes, after I’ve been listening to a lesson or doing a WWIT session, Christie has come to me and helped me. She just appears, does something and leaves again, of course always with a radiant smile. One time she reached into me and released a knot that I couldn’t get rid of; one time she just smiled at me, reached over and kissed me on my forehead; or one time she reached her hand in front of my abdomen and it was like she was pushing a button on my belly and it just split open and out fell a heap of dark matter, which I knew was all my worries and fight, and I felt SO much better.

So I bless the day I bought this program, it really has changed my life in profound ways. And I’m so grateful for it, for Christie and for Mindvalley and all its wonderful people who make it the great academy it is.

Thank you,
~ Thora

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