This is an amazing course, with more of the value well after the course has ended. I did not grow up in a world of social media, or computers, so for me posting a video on Speak and Inspire was my first video to ever post. At the time I had a chest infection so was struggling with speaking at all, and despite this, I was still determined to continue and just post one,

I found that I was not doing all the exercise at the time as for me it needed more reflection. Lisa does ask soul-searching questions or rituals were very up there in terms in looking at oneself, There were so many times that I did not actually look in the physical mirror as suggested and realized the real mirror was in the faces of the persons I was seeing on a daily basis. And by holding my own space in the world I have been getting to make a difference to a lot of persons on a one to one basis in my office.

More recently I was asked to do a public presentation at work and then at the staff teaching last week, Our clinical lead was seriously impressed that I had people up and about walking around the room talking to people that they would not normally interact with and have fun.

I have decided that it is important to start teaching persons how to be happy. I am only too aware that doing webinars and teaching groups of persons is the way to go. I do firmly think that my teaching persons how to be happy, regardless of what is going on in their life we will have a much better world for everyone.

For 2018 my intention is to finish doing the one to one work and finds ways and means of going global. I now know for sure with confidence that I do have a message.

Have fun