Forty (40) years ago, I first learned about some of these techniques in Advanced Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym to help my son and my students.

I used them daily for seven years with a group of students who were environmentally sensitive and were placed in a special clean classroom with special air filters, filtered air and water and VOC free paint and special cleaners.

Each day I began with energy exercises to strengthen me and then each day the students and I together began with energy exercises that Donna and David share with us now. To make a long story short the students thrived not because of the special modifications in the room but because of the energy exercises [Energy Medicine].

Each day I watched them get strong not only physically but emotionally. Their tolerance levels to allergens improved as well. On intellectual testing, some of the students gained as much as three grade levels by practicing some of the techniques Donna and David recommend in the Daily Energy Routine.

Many years have passed and I am delighted that Mindvalley featured Donna and David in a Masterclass. I was very excited to learn more from them and enrolled in their 8-week course.

This dynamic duo has brought energy techniques alive for me again and reignited my passion for energy medicine. Donna and David provide so much support and have brought so much experience to this course that I know the tools will become once again a more consistent part of my daily routines. I now have the tools to eliminate pain, to stay focused, to keep my energies strong and to become more youthful.

Currently, I have a holistic healing practice and I am so excited to be able to refer clients to Eden Energy Medicine and to encourage my clients to read Donna and David’s books. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Judy MacLeod,

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