I take notes feverishly throughout much of his [Michael Beckwith] teaching [Life Visioning]. While I’ve tried for over 27 years to lose the victim feeling and the subconscious sabotage of different opportunities in my life….

I’ve had made little progress. Two of the things that have really struck me so far are that I do not need to manipulate the outcome of difficult situations. I can meditate… try to lose the “static” as Michael calls it, and be in tune to the “broadcast” of Love and joy and strength from The Source. The second is, that I Am the Eternal, and I don’t have to, or really shouldn’t Be looking to “God” for guidance – as much as, clearing the “mental sea of garbage” so that I can Hear the Friendly Universe.

There is Order in the Universe, and in every scene of chaos, there is order underneath, trying to be realized. And I can be in tune with That Order. I meditate on the way to work on the train and have been focusing on letting go, yielding, and allowing the Universe to work through me.

I’ve had a horribly challenging issue at the small office I work in, the president and a certain employee(my supervisor) are quite difficult. And I’d been at the end of my rope with the woman who supervises me and her negative, hurtful tendencies… some toward myself, and much more, towards another woman in the office who is wonderful, hardworking, honest, and somehow the brunt of many accusations of any problems of the moment.

I’ve adopted Michael’s teaching that I do not have to manipulate the circumstances by force, and that if I am in tune with eternal goodness – that there is a divine order that Wants to come out of chaos, and that things eventually will work out. The reason I had to write to you, is the results of my new level of “letting go”, have been remarkable.

Suddenly, I no longer have to answer to the woman who is so incredibly difficult. And this is in the matter of less than a weekAnd…. equally surprising, the woman who somehow catches the brunt of whatever the newest problem is it has been treated much kinder lately and is being included in some of the decision-making meetings…..

I sat in the office today, watching the president apologize to the woman who had been the scapegoat, for a small mistake he’d just made, and almost had to pinch myself. I did say some very kind (true) things on her behalf more than once, in her defense, but the turn around with the director’s attitude in this short period of time is blowing my mind! I kept thinking of Michael throughout the day today, as I saw these positive changes evolving, and could barely believe that such gorgeous results could happen so quickly.

If I were reading this myself, I would think- Oh Brother! How corny! But it’s true. It’s true. And it’s amazing to witness. I feel more powerful by recognizing my Divine nature, and realizing I need to surrender to “let” It work through and around me. And I feel so much more stable and solid; ‘noticeably less self-doubt…. and capable of a lightness and joy, since starting Michaels’ class [Life Visioning]… and it has been less than a week.
Thank you, Mindvalley and Thank you, Michael Beckwith!

I’d first seen Michael in “The Secret”, but didn’t know he was this amazingly gifted. This class IS changing my life.

Cynthia Mueller,

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