I am especially grateful for the decision I made to participate in the Masterclass with Deborah King Be a Modern Master. This 6-week training has changed my life! I’m very very thankful for her! I was on the journey of “find myself” all I knew was the knowing that I have something to give for that world and I want to be part of it. I didn’t really know what is my GIFT. I was also just started to study in Holistic Institute but I felt that I need something more than that and felt like I don’t have that much time to “find myself”, in case I only will be a student of this Holistic Institute.

All that 6 weeks and still today I have days full of surprises and I’m getting more and more information over myself daily basis. The GIFT I discovered of myself is Energy therapy- means I help to heal people doing it together with holistic therapy methods at the same time exchanging energy of universe which helps to open up the person wounds which are in their micro field and are seeded in there by current life or came along with previous lives.

Therefore people will start to detect the shift quicker because I open up the energetic field to start vibrating in higher level which starts to magnetize the people and possibilities what they wish to bring into their lives, depends on the question they had when came to get help from the therapy session. And this way of doing the therapy it will start to heal as well as physical problems, this person has or may have. I have also noticed that it will calm down EGO and gives room for the soul to bring up the emotions which need to be taken care and the soul can be heard easier by the soul owner.

This is the result of the 6-week training what Deborah King has shared and taught and of course, I’m a big fan of Mindvalley Academy and I have taken more trainings which surely will have a big impact on me.

The reason I started to step to the enlightenment was my first son 10 years ago and the milestone of my life was October 2014 when I decided it is enough, can’t take it anymore, I was about to suicide, until I just like heard the voice of my little daughter( was like 4 months old) saying ” Mom, you can’t do it, I’m too little and I need you here, we all need you here and you can not leave everything that has happened fo dad to solve, wake up!” this was my call to wake up and start live the life you want to live.

The company I had established was totally messed me up, and a big role for messing me up was my business partner and previous mate. Didn’t understand the reason why all happened till I went into mu previous life and it explained me all. All the people in my life and the role they are playing in this life, as well as my own responsibility and the lessons I’ve learned. All my life just rolled up in front of me and it was very easy to forgive or understand what have been happened.

Now I feel like I have a mission in this world and for some reason, it leads me to the USA and I have decided to find the way to come for a month or two to understand the reason what calls me there. I’m Estonian and living in Estonia.

Thank you for everything, Mindvalley has been a big reason I have changed my life and I appreciate that, so anything I can help this organization I would be happy to do that!

Yes, you can share the story on your platform if it will help people to start their journey!

Kristel Kesalo,

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