Before the start I was a sugar addict (and in denial), my sleep was OK, but not great and I had been trying to meditate on and off for the last 3 years. I was fairly stressed but thought this was normal and my energy levels were quite low.

After 4-5 days of doing the M word, I just decided to stop eating sugar. And I mean no chocolate, no chocolate croissants, no jam, no ketchup, nothing that contains sugar. And it was easy  I just stopped. I don’t miss it. At all. And I feel great.

I also noticed quite early on that I am using my senses more – hearing, feeling, seeing, tasting and smelling things and just paying more attention to everything. I suddenly have more time, my sleep is better and last but not least, my sex life is better!!! I was really skeptical about this when Emily said this would happen… but it’s true and I am sooooooo happy about it.

I use certain guided meditations from the Quest when I need them. I am struggling a bit with mindful consumption still but it’s improving. I would definitely recommend this course to everyone; it doesn’t matter if you’ve been meditating for years or are new to meditation.

I love Emily’s approach and the feeling she gives you that everything is OK – having thoughts, feeling sleepy, it’s all good. I made a few really good friends through the M Word community on Facebook too and we will stay in touch and hopefully meet in person soon.

Have an amazing day, I love being a part of Mindvalley community.

Love and hugs,

Tajana Belkovic