My favorite part of the program is how it looks at all categories that are important in your life, but it also shows how they are all integrated.

I am actually doing it with my husband (Josh), which has been an amazing experience. Completing the program with the videos and the exercises is a great thing to do together in itself, it has open another space to share together, but the conversations that the Lifebook has prompted, have made our relationship much richer as well. The Lifebook has made us think deeper about ourselves and how our daily habits impact our lives, as individuals and our life together, it gives you practical tools to make changes in your life and evolve as a human being. That’s where I see the biggest impact that the Lifebook has had in our life yet.

It has also given us perspective about the importance of our relationship and what we want to achieve in every aspect of our life. It has given balance a real meaning.

What we keep saying when we discuss the exercises and the content, is that what it amazes us the most, is that the program makes us see the power of the tools that we already have, we just did not realize how powerful they can be. John made us see this with his talks and the examples that he uses.
We just love it.