Omvana Meditation App was created to help you Meditate, Relax, Sleep, Focus and Nap Better with 1000s of Sounds.

We’ve been blown away with all the amazing feedback we’ve been receiving from users from all around the world. This week, 14 year old Elinor Winslow sent us the letter below to share her feedback. Check it out below;

From Elinor;

I have been listening to your OmHarmonics audios on Omvana and You Tube and just wanted to drop an email to say how amazing I think they are! The meditation has really helped me, I am only 14 and currently have a lot of work pressures from school and exams and meditation makes me better at revision and also helps me in my personal life!

I love it and thanks so much! 

Thank you Elinor. All the best with school 🙂

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