I am a teacher and a mom with a seriously overbooked life. I have tried yoga and meditation and martial arts training in the past to try and address stress in my life, but to no avail until The M Word. I so appreciated the way this course was presented – down-to-earth, funny and related to the role of meditation in our daily lives. As a scientist by background, I am often skeptical of approaches that seem a little ‘out there’.

The M word grabbed me with the message of meditating not to experience some other plane but rather to positively impact my life. I spend my days working with others and often take home the energy of problems and conflicts from my day. I could see the need for this in my own life and knew that I was not working at my best in my day-to-day life due to overwhelming. I started the M word this summer and contrary to prior experiences, I found that it was easy to build new habits.

I found the way this was taught to be so powerful, no pressure to ‘clear my mind’ (past trials have shown me that is highly unlikely for me :)). For me, this opened the way to a regular meditation practice. I am now meditating every morning first thing and rather than being an onerous chore, it has now become as natural as brushing my teeth. I even look forward to waking up early to meditate!

Unbelievably, it felt fairly effortless thanks to the natural progression of the course. I especially appreciated the messages regarding the role of stress in our lives – I know that stress makes me stupid, yet like so many people I felt the need to hang onto my stress as some kind of competitive edge.

Now, I am able to sail calmly through my days, thanks to this new practice. Nothing external has changed, but my own response to events have been altered. Thank you so very much for introducing me to Emily Fletcher and her practical take on meditation!

Thanks very much!

Anne Duguay