The Lifebook Quest was outstanding, and I looked forward each morning to turning into Jon and being inspired by him in easy bite-size lessons that would give me food for thought throughout my day. I have put some great new habits in place since finishing the quest. I love it so much, it’s a valuable and important ritual in my day, and has opened my mind to so much.

I am so much more aware of all areas of my life, and how they enhance each other. I am feeling more balanced and whole and most importantly INSPIRED!

I have noticed that since finishing the quest that I look at situations differently and through focused attention to one area of my life, I now know that this is no longer a waste of time as I am clear that this will enhance all areas of my life 🙂

Jon is a wonderful mentor and I am truly grateful I followed my intuition and embraced the Quest as it was a great experience that continues to enhance my life every day.