The best part about working at Mindvalley is hearing back from our amazing customers.

Apart from offering incredible, life-changing courses and products, we also cherish our interactions with and feedback from our customers. Today we received a beautiful message from Shernae, who has tried various Mindvalley programs — and experienced profound change in her life.

Shernae wrote:

“My God! I wondered what she could possibly say to make everyone cry and she executed as promised with such simplicity. I cried. I’m inspired. Major parts of my life have been crafted through creative realization.

“I’ve been doing it since I was a child not knowing what I was doing. When I became an adult, I realized some of the things I did to bring things into fruition, but some things never came or took really long — even though I figured I did the same as I always did and now I understand fully.

“I follow the teachings of people like Esther Hicks and now Vishen, and with every lesson I’m able to understand more and more, but this session right here is the saliva on the envelope. The deal has been sealed. I’m about to fasten my [seatbelt] ‘cuz this jet is about to take off.

“Thank you Vishen, Lisa and Mindvalley. My level of gratitude for this experience is beyond words. When the English language can describe it I will let you all know. Again, with my knees and head on the ground and in great appreciation… THANK YOU!”

~ Shernae Grey

Thank you for your beautiful message, Shernae! 🙂

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