The Limitless Coach is a unique program designed to help you create the coaching business of your dreams.

Ajit Nawalkha, the co-founder of Evercoach, is able to show people how to maximize their skills and talents to attract the clients they want—and deserve. We’ve received a lot of messages from happy customers, including this one we obtained recently:

Thank you Ajit, you are right, clients are everywhere. I always had my huge list of prospects I am constantly working with but after watching your video I made a new one trying really hard to think about people I haven’t seen and connected in ages and there are so much more than 20. My business is in the Health and Wellness Industry – which is absolutely booming right now! I help people to lose weight, gain energy and transforming their life’s physically and financially. To be honest, in our out of balance world nowadays who would not benefit of those things?! I can’t wait to watch your next videos.

~ AnJoy Health

Thanks for writing in! 🙂

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