Christie Marie Sheldon’s course, Love or Above, has taught thousands of Mindvalley customers to vibrate at a higher frequency.

Christie is a skilled and experienced energy healer, and she understands that low vibrational frequencies are often the cause of many of our perceived problems. Instead, she teaches techniques that allow you to raise your vibrational energy, and start seeing life in a positive, optimistic light.

One of our customers, Ryan, wrote to us to let us know how much Christie had inspired and helped him. As an aspiring musician, Ryan found Christie’s techniques particularly helpful.

Here’s what Ryan wrote:

I just wanted to stop by and say “thank you” for your energy. I just came across an Awesomeness Fest talk you did on YouTube, and it was lovely to hear you articulate things I truly believe in. [I] am already grateful for in my unique journey through life that has taken me from growing up in a [third-world] African country with a crashed economy and no obvious way out, to eventually getting overseas to follow my dreams. And now even having enjoyed the wonderful privilege of playing in 10 countries on [four] continents in the last year and again the year before, especially when it doesn’t look “possible” on paper.

“All this as I pursue a seemingly impossible career in music (for a Zimbabwean boy with limited resources), all 100% DIY and literally believing in the cosmos as I do it all like a dance, feeling it out a step at a time and a dollar at a time.

“I appreciated your talk and just hearing someone who well versed in it speak. For that, once again, thank you Christie.

~Ryan Koriya x

Thank you for your beautiful message, Ryan!

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