Super AWESOME experience [Lifebook] & breakthrough for me on a personal level but ALSO to my partner who is now fully hooked on doing this with me.

All the complexities of figuring Life out is presented in such an understanding way PLUS one gets to attend to YOUR OWN Life and immediately start putting the visions and planning in place as one tackle each Life Category.

I find that I am much more focused on what I need to do – daily…I regularly go back to my notes and revisit my Vision and other notes on each of the Categories – it helps me keep focus of where I want to be (raised my consciousness levels); it helps with the dedication and discipline on why I’m doing my planned routine every morning; I wake up each morning and the daily gratitude that my Partner and I share with each other as we wake up sets the tone for our day…

Lifebook is an ongoing journey that is SO meaningful and empowering – on all levels of my Life… spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual… Eternally grateful for everything that I have learned so far… and still learning.

Warm regards,

South Africa