Omharmonics has been so great for my sleeplessness, I used to stay awake even night up to 2/2.30 am and had to wake up at 5:30/6 am to get my kid to school, which is really far away from where I live. You can imagine how my day went along. By that time I was going through a tough stressful time (which I’m still going through), so I suffered from insomnia… couldn’t get to sleep by any means until I tried sleeping pills… which had me sleeping fast but didn’t really get much rest during the night, so speaking as for my ability for performance during the day time, it was awful anyway.

When I tried Omharmonics somehow “magic” happened… At first I tried it without going off the sleeping pills but after a few days (since I was getting better rest anyway, I stopped them and just went along with the Omharmonics tracks, which I was so surprised to prove that even though I hadn’t taken the pill, I got to sleep while listening to track and never woke up during the night. It was AMAZING!!!!! I was so happy )

Another “side effect” of Omharmonics, or at least I see it that way, is that I had tried transcendental meditation like a year and a half before but got bored and didn’t continue with practice after a month or so… After the success I had with Omharmonics, I started looking for other meditation styles and found Vishen Lakhiani´s “6 Face Meditation” which I started using in the mornings… it was awesome!

Now I’m doing Emily Fletcher’s “M Word Technique” quest and I’m really more than happy as to see how it has been working in my life. My whole life’s subtly changing… I have a lot more tolerance, inside peace, my brain works so much better to find solutions to problems instead of just getting mad and frustrated when something didn’t go the way I wanted/needed, etc.

It’s been a journey that started with an Omharmonics Facebook add and has brought so much richness into my life. I’m so grateful for having found you guys and your products at Mindvalley, they really make one’s life go into another level.

Thanks for everything!!

Paola Zolezzi