Carol Tuttle’s course, Soulprint Healing, has renewed one customer’s faith in her life.

Susan wrote in to tell us how Carol’s inspirational program had changed her life. Carol works with your underlying energetic “blueprint” to remove old patterns and to make space for new manifestations to occur. We have received some amazing feedback on this course, and this is what Susan had to say:

“In two short months, I have gone from the deepest depression of my life to feeling centered and inspired by applying what I have learned about myself, and how to shift my vibration. For the first time I actually am experiencing being the creator of my life — it is no longer a concept, it is a belief.  And for the first time in my life I am experiencing faith. I am finally, after searching my entire life, quickly beginning to understand the patterns I have wired into my energy system and how to “rewire” them. You have already profoundly impacted my life. I am truly grateful for the wonderful teaching and tools you have provided. Noticing that I have been more disciplined than ever before in studying and applying anything!

“Without understanding the laws of manifestation as you teach them, all of what I studied and tried to do and to change left me with even deeper shame because try as I might I kept failing. I can see now that despite what I “knew” I had no faith. My health would improve dramatically only to face the next health challenge. I have lived a financial and career groundhog day as well – always having enough yet never experiencing abundance, generating extraordinary success professionally followed by failure because I attracted people to me who reminded me of all I was not at the very moment when I would begin to soar.

“My deepest thanks Carol for guiding me back to the light, to discovering my faith, and for equipping me with the tools with which to truly design my future and create the life I am meant to live. I have many gifts to give. It is time to fully give them to the world. I am passionate, brilliant, bold, innovative, open, compassionate and loving. These are not just words I use to describe myself, but words consistently used to describe me. Until now I could not hear them.  Time to stop shrinking and hiding and to be who I really am. Thank you for showing me the way.  And thank you God for answering my prayers to be used for the highest good.  

“With much love and gratitude.”

~ Susan

Thank you for your amazing message, Susan! We are thrilled you received such amazing results 🙂

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