Christie Marie Sheldon’s program, Love or Above, has earned a huge, loyal following.

 Christie has a unique way of connecting with viewers and helping them to clear any blocks they may have created over the years. In Love or Above, she shows you how to vibrate at a higher vibrational frequency, to attract more of what you desire into your life.

Today we want to showcase a lovely note we received from one of our customers, Karen. She wrote to us:

“Hi and thank you. I have found several of the meditations in the course have already helped me change my energy and feel better about myself. I am struggling to maintain it each day despite my committed attitude and persistence so I will continue to keep at it. My mission was to have a healthy relationship with an available man and am continuing to improve the relationship with myself to attract that.

What a wonderful work purpose you have. It can be daunting to sort through all the avenues for personal growth and I “happened to” come across MindValley and went with my instincts, so if I can help someone else make that decision for themselves that would be wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

Much love and happiness to you and all at Mindvalley.”

~Karen Olsen

Thank you, Karen! It’s lovely to hear from you — we at Mindvalley are thrilled to have helped you 🙂

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