Carol Tuttle’s powerful course, Soulprint Healing, has resonated with thousands of our customers.

In this course, Carol, an expert energy healer with more than 20 years of experience, accompanies you on a journey into your past. In particular, she discovers the roots of your “financial blueprint”—the beliefs and experiences around money which shaped your feelings about wealth. This is a particularly powerful course which has deeply touched—and empowered—many of our customers.

One such customer, Helen, wrote in to tell us how Carol and Soulprint Healing had helped her change her beliefs about wealth—thus changing her life.

Helen wrote:

“Wanted to share a significant shift in me… For my (training and coaching) business I have a mail out list that I send a [fortnightly] inspiration piece and monthly newsletter [to]. Every time someone unsubscribed I used to feel… rejected. “I’m not good enough,” etc.

“Well, in the last week, I [noticed] when someone unsubscribes, I don’t feel that rejection in my body or mind… I don’t take it personally and it is OK… I guess the inner child work of being accepted and nurtured by the light of my Soul is working on deep levels… feeling lighter in my beginning, I am more than enough, I am affluence ease and joy!

~ Helen Alm

Thanks for your message, Helen! 🙂

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