Evercoach is all about empowerment — and The Limitless Coach does just that.

In order to help others become the best they can be, you need to innately know that you are also doing your best. Part of this is in knowing when to change situations — and when to accept them. True empowerment is in knowing both your strengths and your limits, and not being afraid to express them.

One of our customers, Cynthia, recently wrote in to tell us how The Limitless Coach has helped her to understand that a client’s progress is only partially in her hands — and to be okay with that.

Cynthia wrote to us:

“I really enjoyed this exercise. It is my conclusion that my focus is empowering individuals to transform their lives by working through old mindsets that don’t work for them. This exercise opened my mind to the fact that everyone doesn’t fit for me and I am not a failure if I see no results of change in them, they just were not my assignment. Thank you! Looking forward to the remaining classes.”

~ Cynthia Taylor 

Thanks for writing in, Cynthia!

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