We really love this inspiring story from Beverly! She is doing great with Flowdreaming program! 


Since I started Flowdreaming, I as a realtor have opened 8 escrows and listed 2 properties and got 2 pocket listings and have 4 clients sitting on the fence trying to decide what they want to purchase of if they want to commit. This has been in 7 days!! I was dead for quite a while before that and haven’t had any new listings in almost a year. I can only contribute the flow dreaming is the difference!! I am so thankful and grateful for finding this programs and having the time to listen to them and let them influence my life!

Also I’m a Essential Oil distributor and have had an influx of new interest in those without trying as well and haven’t had anyone ask about them in 6 months!! 

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Thank you

Beverly McFarlane

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