*”This course is hugely transformational.”*

This course is hugely transformational. Lisa’s content was amazing, but the support in the facebook group and the “tribe” element is the most significant part of the course. I can’t say I would recommend it to everyone, but to “like-minded” people who are wanting to invest in their own growth I would definitely recommend it.

I recently posted a video to the tribe about three positive changes that I have seen in my life because of this course. It was a response to an assignment to make a video using body movements to talk about something you are passionate about. I’m attaching the video too.

The tribe is such a powerful component of this course. Lisa did a great job of setting an example of being transparent and she helped us create a safe space where we could be open and share ourselves and give and receive positive feedback, and that environment was really fertile soil for some amazing growth to take place.

Not only is the Facebook group user-friendly, people started friending each other and forming groups…there is a Speak to inspire writers group and we could create group messages using Facebook messenger to plan for attending the San Diego reunion, etc. I used to hate Facebook, but for this course, it was an amazing tool so please keep using it for future Quests!