I stumbled upon this wonderful post here and wanted to shout out our appreciation 🙂


Over the past year, I have been on a spiritual quest of sorts to achieve mindful living.  I started meditation, sitting quietly, going through the Artist’s Way and writing in the mornings trying to absorb all that came my way.  Once I found Omvana for my phone, I thought I would be unstoppable.  I was.  I am.  I have learned so much, I thought I would write these posts and turn them into something I could look back on, measure and gage my path.  I also hoped that there would be others around that may be interested in this path and could learn from the things that have changed in me or who may want to share any of their ideas or experiences.

I was just working, working, and working through the daily chores of my life and no longer being really inspired by my job, I found another resource that could uplift my mind.  I would go to work, or go out with friends, all of which I just felt I was pushing my way through.  I ended up treating others and myself as a spoiled demanding child, wanting attention and frustrated that I couldn’t satisfy myself.  I was sure that others were not giving me what I needed.  Well, guess what?  They don’t.  They always say the answer is right in front of you.  Well, I’m 43 now, and my eyesight ain’t so good anymore so I got to take a nice long ride on the short bus to figure these things out.  I can usually check this behavior now, but I still catch myself from time to time.  It seems an obvious revelation, but it wasn’t to me yet.  We are all each others mirrors, and we’ve all heard the cliches.  Then I started paying a bit more attention to all the things the universe was trying to show me about myself, and I finally began to learn.  It was an ugly, ugly day.  I’m so glad it happened.  One of the hardest things I had to make my self see, deliberately, was I had to see the positive inside the mess I had made.

I’m still learning, and I hope you will enjoy my space whenever you feel you could use it.

Using meditation, I gained more clarity and ‘ah ha’ moments than any other way I could think of.  When I felt safe enough to just let my mind wander off into itself, I saw some of the most beautiful visions.  They were all gentle and euphoric types of thoughts regarding nature, trees or stars.  I gained real connectedness from those who passed before me and the beauty of every living thing.  I mean, how often do you just sit, and not think of things you have to do, should do, or wish you could do.  I never did before, honestly.  Now I wish everyone would.    Using the writing exercises, I felt like a combination lock was shifting in my head and the lock had finally snapped free.  Getting up at 5am each day to do three pages of brain drain onto the page seemed silly at first.  Then after two weeks of doing it solid, I saw the lock click open.  Now, I crave doing them and have noticed by the first page and a half, there lies real truth and wisdom coming from them and I can easily see where I need to shift or change my emotions.  I hope you find this useful and if you care to share any ideas, please feel free to do so as long as they are positive thoughts.  There is enough criticism in the world and I’d like to see just a little less of it and more consideration of others.  I’d like this page to be representative of that.

Thank you so much for sharing! We wish you the best of luck on your journey!

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