Here is a review from Lue on our Omvana App, World’s #1 Meditation App in Over 30+ Countries. Omvana gives you hundreds of world class meditation tracks for focus, peace, sleep, enlightenment and more.

freeness1 a last ditch effort to manage some significant stress, which was starting to affect my health.

I have noticed that with Omvaana I am able to manage my stress far better, and as a result I am able to think more clearly without being in constant mental “distress”.I have had comments from acquaintances that I seem more relaxed…which is a challenge for a generally high energy person like me
I would certainly recommend Omvana as a gateway to meditation.
I wasn’t terribly familiar with the world of meditation, and this was a non-invasive way to try it. I love the App and those I shared it with were pretty impressed with how you could customize the background tracks with the meditations. It is VERY cool.One of the people I recommended it to was one of my health coaching clients, who is enjoying her reduced stress levels and improved moods. It’s been a great asset and tool to use for my coaching clients! Bring it on!


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