I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression in 2015, and unfortunately, I found that the techniques that I used to boost my self-confidence and deal with competition nerves when I was a competitive archer just didn’t work as well as I had expected. I found with my illness that I had lost most of my self-confidence and my independence as well. Some days I couldn’t leave the house and would just be bombarded with negative thoughts and feelings.

I was given medication by my GP to help with my anxiety and depression which I was very much against and I only agreed to take them if we also found alternative solutions to help me. So as well as starting a program of attending Stress Control classes, Anxiety and Depression CBT courses that my local health service offered I worked with a psychologist, I did my own research as well. I found Omharmonics when I was looking for something that would help me to relax and possibly sleep better. At the time I was having trouble with bad tinnitus and migraines, which were all stress related, and I found that listening to my usual relaxing music was very annoying, but silence was even worse as my inner thoughts were quite negative.

I luckily found Omharmonics worked for me as the tracks helped to cancel out the tinnitus and if I used the tracks at the first sign of tinnitus that they helped decrease the number of migraines I was suffering from.

Initially, I used the Deep Rest tracks every evening and would fall asleep while listening to the tracks. Even if I did not sleep all night the tracks help me to feel more rested in the morning, which then helped me to do more during the day. I have used the other tracks to help me concentrate before going to stress full meetings and to help me focus on the courses I have been taking to help me get better. I have used the focus and balance tracks to help me while completing job application forms. Working on my stress management program and the programs I was working on with my psychologist to even just helping me to concentrate
enough to do housework.

Omharmonics is now one of the go-to tools in my “mental health toolbox” and has given me the confidence to know that I have tools to help me cope with the difficult days and when I feel like I am falling back into that pit of anxiety and depression again. I have a dedicated small mp3 player with just the Omharmonics tracks on it which goes most places with me so I can listen to the tracks when I need them.

I have tried other binaural beats tracks, but I always come back to the Omharmonic tracks.

Please let me know if this is the type of feedback you are looking for and please go ahead and use it on your platforms.

Hazel Elliot Web