I do love Mindvalley and A-Fest is on my life goal, it’s because of Vishen’s book I was able to believe in my ability to step outside of what was expected of me and write a beautiful children’s story to help children deal with loss and death (this was outside of the industry I am known which is Fashion) … now children around the world are reading my book “I Want to See My Papa” (http://www.iwanttoseemypapa.com)

So If I can help with my testimonial for one other person to find their path, I think it’s my duty to do that…. Thanks, Mindvalley Team

As an entrepreneur in a creative field I found myself, like so many other creative minds, struggling to tune out the noise and distractions throughout my day, especially with the ongoing increase usage of social media for person/business. I found I was beginning to get easily distracted and lost focus on what I had hoped to accomplish with my time.

Through continuous use of the Omharmonics, mainly Spark and Focus I found I was able to keep my thoughts on track and tap into my creative side with continued and ongoing focus. Mindvalley is a platform I am always recommending to people looking to bring more self-awareness into their lives. It has been the first real online community that I felt my beliefs in the world and humanity are complimented.

I believe that because of the journey I began with Mindvalley 2 years ago I was able to see my first Children’s book through to completion and have begun the next. I can’t stress enough how valuable this community has been for me! ”


~Angela Campagnoni