I have been using OmHarmonics since 2012. OmHarmonics was my first introduction to Mindvalley. I have all kinds of gadgets to help my brain do as I wish at certain points in time but really all I needed to do was give it the space to do what it should do naturally. In the early days, I just used the deep rest music and always on the long version.

After a few weeks, I started to use more of them to help me through the days. The start of the day and focus are very good at helping me achieve more in my work environment whereas balance is what I need at least twice daily to do exactly that.

Now I have added in the 6-phase meditation which I adore. Omharmonics and Mindvalley have helped me make the best choices since 2015 so now I am happy in my own skin and settled in my work environment.

Thank you for bringing this to my door

~Anne Pemberton
United Kingdom