Hello dear one,

I must say, Christie, your childlike innocence, along with your old soul knowing, is an amazing combo for a light worker like you!

I purchased your in-home abundance clearing course yesterday. I am a Reiki Master, Chios Master Teacher, Nlp Coach, and Laughter yoga certified teacher. I love to learn and grow, [and] I [had] been working with light energy for a while long before I ever [heard] anyone talk about it in my twenties, and am 42 now. Coming from a Muslim background, that was not very common.

I [have] been doing meditation [without] knowing what is the name of it, when I imagined and visualized things. I love to help people and love to learn and expand my soul experience.

After I lost my mother to cancer in 2011, my financial status was depleted. All the energy clearing techniques, including EFT tapping, helped me a lot and meditations, which assisted in keeping me calm and collective in most challenging times ..

I am also a crystal healer, love my stones and crystals, but I must say after listening to your class yesterday and ordering the course, which I had practiced first evening meditation before bed and I did the morning meditation.

After I did my prayers and wrote in my gratitude journal as I listened in between breaks to some of your course, I actually was able to break the ice in my first job, which is commission-only, which is my main bread and butter now — till I am able to open my healing center.

I focused on one product and actually had my sale after a little slump. Not only that, my director said that, that product had a higher commission percentage — so now not only did I experience, in less than 24 hours, a breakthrough immediately, but also made more money than I thought…  an extra $1000.

Yeah, not bad for a first day practicing your technique about uncreating, clearing, and deleting certain blockages and replacing them with “what if…?”

Love it!

You are full of love and light, may God bless and protect over you and Vishen, and all Mindvalley Academy team members.


–  Sofie Nubani