The art of Astral Projection  is the ability to undergo an out of body experience and then allow your conscious self to explore a new plane of existence.

Astral projection is commonly thought of as the process of exploring mystical planes but the potential may exist to explore other physical worlds that might exist in an alternative universe. 

Jorge Omar Lopez from California joined Astral Projection Home Training Program. He talks about his experience in the letter below;

My goal for using Steve G. Jones Explorations Program was to achieve Astral Projection. I heard the first 4 tracks before trying some of the techniques. But, one morning, I tried an affirmation technique and what was my excitement when I reached the vibrational state in that first attempt! There was intense vibrations a the buzzing sounds you talk about. And, also I sense like a yellow light before my eyelids. I get very excited and could not get out of my body, but I think it was a very good attempt. Since then I have feel the vibrations 3 times.

My dream recall has improved dramatically since I am using your program. Also my concentration and my focus.

I have learn a lot of things about astral projection, astral planes, the human body, chakras and hypnosis.

I have a lot of work to do, specially energy work and chakra healing.

I have used your program for about a month. I have not achieved astral projection yet, but I think I have made some progress, mainly in all that have to do with thought control, dream recall, focus and relaxation.

Of course I would recommend Steve G. Jones to everyone who wants to bring positive experiences to ther lifes. To every one who is a newbie about astral projection, hypnosis and chakra healing.

Awesome! Thank you Jorge!

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